Access private panels from the link


I created a new panel and made it private (not public) with the intention to provide the link for other users.

The test link: works pefectly well if I previously log in into but if any user, that is not logged in tries to access, he receives the error message:

Received error response: Bad Request. Failed to get panel by tag 92A9BD869C78A224FB40D61592CC415B665EEA32, panel is not public (0x90004567)

If the user goes to the myqtthub webpage and performs the login, then the link works.

I would like to know if it would be possible to implement one or more of the following options:

  • Automatically redirect the user to the login page upon an “access denied” message when accessing a non-public link.
  • After the user authenticates, automatically redirect to the panel.
  • Display the panels in the user/device home page. Right now when a non-admin user clicks on the “panels” link he receives the following error message: “Failed to check if panels are supported. Received error Response: Forbidden. You are not authorized”

Thank you!


Hello Daniel,

Have pushed several platform updates to support what you describe: detecting when a panel is available but not public, so the user gets a more personalized message that provides next actions to authenticate and then go back to the original panel visited.

If you click on your panel link, you should see something like:


If you click to authenticate it triggers the authentication process that, if finishes without error, user will be redirected to the original panel.

We will let you know about the second part: “Forbidden error”.


Thank you, Ricardo,

The panel is a great feature and with this adjustment it will become very useful.

I will test this update and let you know if I found any issue.


Hello Daniel,

About “Forbidden error” when accessing /panels section using a regular user (no HUB admin), we have implemented several updates to allow these users to get a list of available panels for quick access.

List will only show active panels with at least one modification.