Can't find valid syntax to get data from MQTT publisher


dealing with support I managed to create a sample panel and to connect my MQTT publisher to broker/server.

From the sample panel I creating following wiki, this is the code for a temperature module:

Now I need to make this module receive data from my MQTT publisher device.
To achieve this I think I need to set topic, but I can’t understand the syntax topic=’ temp/device/002’.
What is temp?
What is device?
What is 002?
From my device I have topic prefix and topic, then client ID if needed.

Any suggestions?



just relax and think about directory structure on your computer. so in this case temp top folder will contain all temperatures, sub directory device will contain devices, for example device “002”

In case you don’t like this way do it your way.

Just remember that you can easy subscribe for only a subpart of that virtual “tree”