Configuring MQTT Push Client to connect with your MyQttHub


1. Introduction

MQTT Push Client mobile application works together with RadioShuttle MQTT push server. MQTT topics defined in the MQTT Push Client app are monitored by the RadioShuttle MQTT push server. When they are active, they are immediately forwarded to the app, where the message is displayed together with an audio signal as a push notification.

More information can be found at

The following article explain how to connect MQTT Push Client with

2. Connecting MQTT Push Client with

To connect your MQTT Push client with MyQttHub you will have to use Bootstrap credentials because the application has no support to configure clientId.

  1. For that, use the following article to create a userName and a password to be used by all your MQTT Push Clients that are connected to your HUB. Same credentials are used and each MQTT Push Client will “bootstrap” a different clientId so all these clients will be differenciated:

    Using MQTT bootstrap auth to authenticate devices without knowin clientID beforehand

  2. After installing application, click to add MQTT server:

  3. Now, complete configurations using the following indications:

  4. If everything is correct, you will see your MyQttHub online and available in your application like this:


  5. At the same time, if you go to connected devices, you will see it too:

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