Connecting to MyQttHub with Node-RED programming tool


1. Introduction

Here are some recommended steps to connect to your MyQttHub using mqtt component in a Node-RED flow diagram (secure session).

Before continue please create a device if you don’t one by following steps at:

Jot down clientId, userName and password as they will be required by your solution

2. Adding mqtt-in node in Node-RED

2.1. Search the mqtt-in component for connecting your hub


2.2. Drag it on your flowchart and then double click for configuration:


3. Configuración del broker MQTT:

3.1. By clicking on the component, a configuration window will appear and we will click on edit a new mqtt-broker:


3.2. Edit “conection” tab as follows:

Port: 8883
SSL/TLS: Enabled
Cliend ID: Your client ID (as created at your hub)


3.3. Now configure “security” tab with your device hub credentials:

Username: Your username (as created at your hub)
Password: Your password (as created at your hub)


3.4. Save changes and you’re done:


3.5. If everything ok, we will see something like that:


4. Connection check

4.1. At this point, we can connect with our credentials at for verify the connection:

MyQttHub EN -- Start here