Connecting with pubsubclient with MyQttHub -- Arduino Client for MQTT



PubSubClient is a client side MQTT library for Arduino that allows publishing limited to QoS 0, and subscribe up to QoS1, written in C++.

You have more information about its features and latest updates at:

How to connect to MyQttHub using pubsubclient

You have working examples located here:

Because pubsubclient does not support TLS, to connect to MyQttHub you will have to use plain unprotected MQTT connection over standard port (1883/tcp) with clientId+userName+Password. For that, start using the following example with authentication support:

Configure the following details to make your connection work at the PubSubClient client declaration:

Then, configure your client.connect pubsubclient API with:

  • arduinoClient” : place here device clientId
  • testuser” : place here device userName
  • testpass” : place here device password

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