Core-Admin -- #CronManager updates: Exec now, Comments, Easy URL support and silence command output


Part of the recent Core-Admin updates applies to #CronManager application which includes the following.

1. Exec now button

After configuring a cron, you can run it right away so you can check if the command will execute without errors. The command will run with the cron user:

2. Added support to track who created the cron, when it was created and updated

A new additional option is shown to track this information:

3. Discard cron command output

Now it is possible to discard cron command output by selecting the following option. This will ensure command will include additional “> /dev/null 2>&1” declaration so it is easier for an administrator to see command clean but when it is finally configured, it goes with output redirection.

This way, commands will not generate output and hence mail queue:

4. Direct URL to command support

Now it is possible to configure a direct URL to be called frequently as a cron command. This way it is easier for an administrator to correctly setup URL call by using default standard wget/curl system application, configuring redirection and output options to avoid creating files and generate mail output:

If you configure this url:

that will create the following cron command (in most cases):

wget -O -q > /dev/null 2>&1

5. Added support for comments

Now it is possible to include additional comments associated to a cron but that are not included into the listing nor the final cron output: