Création d'un groupe de discussion en Français


Est-il possible d’avoir la création d’un groupe en Français svp ?

Avec des thèmes
-Tuto installation
-Configuration du profil et des devices
-Utilisation depuis Arduino/Esp8266

  • ect…




Sorry for the delay (we have been checking possibilities about your proposal).

Please, allow us reply to you in english (otherwise it would be great for us, but so far we can only support in English and Spanish).

Going back to the matter you are proposing, we cannot create such group because it will create an official endorsement for users that fells that preference but with the problem that we cannot provide good support that is understood, well written with a minimum quality to avoid frustration and bad user experience.

That does not mean we will not look into the possibility in the future, if we are lucky enough to grow the platform to the point we can allocate resources to provide quality and native support in French (which would be fantastic for us).

In any case, thanks for your proposal,

Best Regards,