Devices lost connection to MyQttHub


Service appears to have stopped working today at around 11/01/23 04:45 GMT - all my devices are unable to send messages.


Hello Keith.

Just confirm everything is working as expected and no failure has been reported.

We are handling this directly at (we have just replied about this)

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Hi Claudio,
I have had over two hundred devices connected for many months which have all stopped sending via MyQttHub - a similar number sending via another service are all working OK.
There does appear to be a problem.


Just to confirm that the issue is now resolved. The public IP address of our 4g SIM network (1nce) had been blocked by MyQttHub - once unblocked the devices were able to communicate again.


I wrote code to connect, and I am using MQTTBox. I am seeing it connect and disconnect repeatedly


Hello Pete

Reviewing your case we see connection replace events that explain those reconnections:

MYQTT: 03-04-2023 16:08:53 INFO [] e.a.r.m.l.MyQttConn - CONNECT : ACCEPTED : reason=ClassicAuth: ClientId+UserName+Passsword : cs=true : d=hub-xxx : u=xxx : : role=server :
MYQTT: 03-04-2023 16:08:53 INFO [] e.a.r.m.l.MyQttContext - CONNECT : SHUTDOWN : d=hub-xxxx : : : reason=connection replaced by connection from (0x20073)

If you are using MQTTBox, then it means you are connecting with it several times, causing next connection to close the previous one due to connction replace.

You have an explanation here:

In essense:

  1. Do not use same credencials for two devices connecting a the same time. See article
  2. In case you write code, remember to disconnect before connecting again, otherwise next CONNECT will replace previous session.

Best Regards