Efficient option configuration -- WebhostingManagement


1. Intro

Core-Admin allows to apply different security and behaviour options associated to webhosting management:

Next article explores how to apply these options grouped together so you can reduce number of service restart, but also help you move your hosting configuration in a consistent manner, only applying service restart when everything is configured as needed.

2. Applying configuration options

Every time you need to configure hosting options, Core-Admin engine applies them and restart service afterwards so services associated to it takes the configuration option.

However, if you apply several options, this process can be slow a heavy, which might affect web service for a longer time.

Knowing this, Core-Admin includes two options that allow:

  • First, to apply options using Skip service restart: which allows to apply all options quickly, one after another, without doing any restart…

  • …and then apply only one restart at the end of all configuration by clicking on: Apply options and restart:

3. How to use these options in practise

With these two options, if you need to apply a list of configurations to a particular hosting, set them by checking “Skip service restart”, and when you are ready, click on Apply options and restart button to do a single service restart.

4. Benefits

Using these options to apply additional configurations to hostings, allows:

  • To reduce to the minimum number of service restarts.

  • It allows to apply a set of options in a single step without intermediate configuration steps.

  • It allows to prepare all configurations, leave them ready and configured, waiting for the best moment for restart to make them effective.