Failed to load device -- Domain does not exists or you are not authorized to view/handle it


1. About this error

Some users have reported that clicking on a device tag in a log list (for example last messages):

Results in the following error message:

2. Explanation and error message improved

The error happens because you are clicking on a device that does not exists anymore. It existed in the past and that’s way it is registered in the log list that is moving you to /device/view/{domain-name}/{device-name}

We have improved error reporting to also show what’s the domain and device attempted to be loaded to make it clearer. It will appear now like:

It is not a platform error or something you are doing wrong: is just reporting it is not able to find the device (in the provided domain) because right now it does not exists.

3. Known issue with URI encoded device names (%20)

At the same time, any device with URI encode characters (like Device 10), which evaluates to “Device%2010” will fail to be found. This is already fixed in next release and will be pushed to production very soon.