[feature-request] Replace-indication


I get
a.b.c.d REPLACE-INDICATION connection replaced by connection from RemoteAddr=a.b.c.d (0x20073)

Intersting thing is, that there is the same IP address is the “IP” column and the “Message” column, indicated by a.b.c.d

What does this mean? Is there a list of all codes that are used in connection history?

Any hint or help is appreciated.



About connection replace indication, you have a detailed explanation here:

About all list codes, please, provide more details about what you mean.

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Thank you for the hint.
By codes I mean: MyQttContextConnectionClosed, forcing cleanSession=1, …
Basically all the messages and codes that I get on the “Conn history” page and other pages.
BR, Thomas


Hello Thomas,

Ok, we will include a legend to show information about codes at the Conn History tab.
We hope to have it for the next release.

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