How to add an additional independent MQTT HUB


1. Introduction

The following explains how to add an additional independent MQTT HUB and associate its management to your current administration user. This allows to create several HUBS to be controlled and managed from a single admin user.

It is still possible to add admin users to each independent MQTT HUB (for example to give it to the end user or final local administrator), though it is not enabled by default.

2. Adding a new MQTT Hub

Process is pretty easy and straightforward.

  1. Go home page:

  2. Then click on “Add HUB” button to start the process:

  3. Then select plan, HUB name and click add to complete the process:

3. Limitations

  • It is not possible to add Open Account HUB for multiple management under single credential.

  • Multi HUB management under single credentials is not available for MyQttHub Open Account.

  • This feature is called Manage several domains with one admin account at plans features. See details at:

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