How to create your Open Account


Follow next steps to create your Open acount to start sending and receiving MQTT messages.

  1. Go to, and without changing plan, register with your mail address, select user and password:

  2. If everything was ok will confirm register received. A confirmation link will be sent.

  3. Now use confimation link to complete your register. It is not possible to use the service without complete register by using confirmation link.

  4. Once completed your register, wait team to review your request. It takes very little :slight_smile:

  5. Once your account is activated you will receive all credentials to use the platform through PAS (


…then, inside activation message:

Inside that activation message you will find:

  1. Access credentials for (MQTT management panel)
  2. Access credentials for (community and support forum)
  3. Additional API configuration, ports, passwords and first steps.