How to reset quota Domain Subs 250/250 ?



I have a free account still. And have 10-50 Subscriptions per day. Sometime this goes over 250 due to bug in our software that doestnt clear subscription after disconnect. So I unsubscribe manually with Console script that you provided.
But During last days the Quota “Domain Subs 250/250 ?” doesnt clear . Why? How to reset it ?



Hello Alex,

I think we have a bug since that value (DomainSubs) should be equal to the list
shown in Subscriptions tab, but we have to investigate this.

During testing, can we unsubscribe what is currently shown in your “Subscriptions” tab?

Let us know to continue,
Best Regards,


Yes, you can.
( if possible, unsubscribe only by rule )

We start to experience troubles with this Issue since, some new Clients got rejected and we see them in Error Log tab

SUBSCRIBE : DENIED : domainName=hub-****** : clientId=******.logon_virt_1592481326146 : RemoteAddr=80.78.****** : reason=Reached subscribe per domain limit=250


Hello Alex,

We have pushed an engine update that should avoid reproducing this problem.

In particular, now the engine will unsubscribe everything that has been created by a virtual
client id (skip connection replace) so your HUB should not be affected anymore even in case
it continues to disconnect without unsubscribing first.

Let’s see how upgrade peform and how it works for you.
Best Regards,


Hello Francisco,

Works stable so far. There is no unsubscribed host in the list. Looks like your Engine remove that is not connected. Thanks for your support!


Hi all.
Almost same scenario for me: free account, and Domain Subs allways growing up, but never down.

If I unsubscribe manually from subscription overview, it never grows down.
Subscribe screen shows empty (because no active clients), but my quota Domain Subs keep showing 31/250.

So for me, the last engine update is not working, or perhaps I’m doing or undestanding something wrong.

ONE CLUE: perhaps something related with Retained daa ??? Hmmm!?!. I mention this, because I use Retained data on more than 27 of my topics!!.

add a new topic
publish a non-retained topic-value
verify that QuotaDomainSubs incremented by one
delete last subscription from subscription overview screen
Result: QuotaDomainSubs doesn’t DEcrement by one

add a new topic on a Device
publish a non-retained topic-value on that Device
verify that QuotaDomainSubs incremented by one
delete Device from device overview screen
Result: QuotaDomainSubs doesn’t DEcrement !!

Hope some aditional findings or updates will come.
Feel free to ask me some testings by my side.

Best regards from Seville SPAIN.


Hello Paco!

We have been reviewing this case but not able to reproduce the case. Your HUB status shows

no domain subscriptions right now.

We are doing some testing with the description you are doing with TEST1 and TEST2 to see

if we can reproduce the problem.

We will let you know Paco,

Best Regards from Alcalá de Henares, spain! No paséis mucho calor :slight_smile:


Thanks @pacollera for the reporting and the use cases.

We have been implementing several upgrades that are directly associated to this issue.

We applied several updates that fixes this case and also handles additional situations
that are similar.

Let’s us know if it works for you.

Best Regards from Alcalá de Henares.