How to reset storage quota


Hi, I have 4 android phones connected for a test run using owntracks. I see my ‘Storage quota and status’ has exceeded. I have now disabled connection status logging and cleared all error logs but still no solution. How can I fix this?


Storage quota and status exceed

Hello Kay,

We are working to fix internal unconfirmed messages sent to virtual
client Ids that are generated when enabled skip connection replace.

Also, we will include a reset mecanism to clean these messages.

We will keep you updated.


Hello Kay.

We have uploaded additional support to review and optionally clean
unconfirmed messages associated to a complete domain or to a particular

Here is complete documentation:

In particular, there was a problem that was causing to store messages
associated to devices with skip connection replace. This is now fixed
and explained:

You can use the following indications to remove unconfirmed messages to
restore your quota:

Kind regards!