How to restart my MyQttHub -- How to restart MyQttHub context



Every individual MQTT HUB running on MyQttHub has an associated “context”, implemented by a component called MyQttContext. It provides the MQTT engine, groups together your working devices, forwards messages, and similar tasks.

If for some reason you need to restart your HUB (to drop all connections) or you think something is not working, you can restart your context from inside your panel.

2. Restarting MyQttContext for your MQTT HUB

Here are the steps to restart your MyQttContext, which, in essense, will restart your MQTT HUB.

  1. To restart your MQTT context, go to your domain main view (or select the HUB if your account is managing several MQTT hubs):

  2. Then select hub context restart as indicated:

  3. Then confirm operation:

  4. After that your HUB will restarted.

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