Last will- Not published by broker



I have a problem. I use last will to check if a device is disconnected.

In my account I see that the disconnection is detected, but MyQttHub does not publish the last will, is this not supported?

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Hello all!

I encountered the same problem. Connecting with last will, then suddenly disconnected devices (turn off wlan or unplug) won’t make the broker publish the last will messages at all.
Please advise!

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Just confirm LWT (will message) is fully supported. We have been tracking the issue, rechecking regression tests and doing some testing but we are not able to reproduce problems described.

To ease debugging these cases, we have upgraded the platform to include a “Will inspector” so you can check if will is configured and also help you check if that message is published in your “Last Msg”.

You can find all details on how to use it here:

We have also included some indications on how to reproduce a will triggering scenario.

Please, use it to check if your issue persist and in such case, let us know to review again.

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