new release -- 6.7.746 -- What's new in



We have uploaded a new release fixing several issues and including new platform improvements.

What’s new

1. Improved Device Dialog: now device dialog includes a lot more options, moving old flags to device flags section:

2. Free subscriptions: now it is possible to freeze subscriptions for a particular device. This way you can be sure some device will have a certain set of subscriptions configured so you can avoid errors like cleaning them by using cleanSession=true or removing subscriptions by mistake or due to faulty software.

3. Moved skip connection replace option to device flags section to make it clearer.

4. Reorganized device listing to show current skip connection replace and freeze subscriptions status:

5. Added Last errors tab so you can know get errors occuring at your MyQttContext for a particular device or at domain level:

6. Added support to track connection history: now it is possible to keep track about connection history that happens to a particular device. Because it counts for quota, it is disabled by default:

Once enabled, you’ll get connection history, disconnects, attemps, login by ip blocked, etc.

7. Added quick links to domains and devices: now it is more easy to jump to domains or devices by clicking to labels that has a particular color and format according to its content (domain or device). Here is how it looks for “connected devices” section:

We hope you find this useful.
Best Regards.