new release -- 6.7.759 -- What's new in



We have just uploaded a new update that includes several changes and improvements:

  1. We have updated "Last errors" tab to show more information about internal MyQttContext state.
    These new events includes, among others, information about:
  • Messages filtered by filtering rules
  • Failures to login using cleanSession=True and FreezeSubscriptions=True
  • Max connection allowed reached
  • Connection replaced events

"Last errors" tab is located at Manage domain (to get all domain errors):

For Devices, it is located at a similar place after clicking on a particular device:

  1. We have added labelling to the panel to better identify domains, devices, topics, etc. This way it is more easy to jump to a domain, device or topic management page. Each “object” has a fixed color to help indentify them in a stable manner:
  • domain -> teal
  • device -> orange
  • topic -> brown

These are some examples about these quick accesses:


  1. We have added a new panel that allows to show different quotas available, limits and their status. This new feature is located at the domain view:

  1. We have updated domain view to include a new tab that allows to show all subscriptions configured for all devices inside that domain, including its offline-online status:

  1. We have also updated domain view to include a new tab to show all devices without having to go to a separate section:

  1. Finallly, we added an “Expand view” button for “Devices” and “Subscriptions” so it is possible to manage these sections using fullpage width:


We hope all these changes help you! team.