Optimize MySQL databases using Core-Admin MySQL Manager -- Automation


1. Intro

Next article explains how you can optimize your MySQL database so it uses less space, releases “spare blocks”, to increase performance (specially for database search).

You will need for this procedure:

  1. Administrator access to the machine (to launch MySQL Manager).
  2. A database engine with support for optimization command (OPTIMIZE TABLE).

2. How to use the optimizer

  1. Just launch MySQL Manager (#MySQLManager) and select database you want to get optimized.

  2. Before clicking to optimize, remember that during the optimization process, database tables will be iterated to get them optimized, after that, each one will be blocked during optimization and until that optimization finishes:

  3. After finishing optimization, a detailed report will appear with optimization applied with full result returned for each table.

3. Optimization automation

In case you need to keep that database optimized, you can configure an automation that is applied every day at a given moment that is better suited for this database and applications using it:

  1. For that, click on main database tab and check to enable automation and provide start time:

  2. After saving it, optimization will be applied every day for this database at the configured time.