Question: How to establish connection on iphone's IoT OnOff


Good day Dear Sirs. I have some problem with establishing connection to your server on iphone.
I am using IoT OnOFF. A got fail with connections a lot of times in both ways neither SSL via 8883 nor 1883. They wasn’t connected successfully. In there in IoT settings there is a parametr as Path and default value : /mqtt. Or maybe should i use just another program?



Do you mean connecting with ?


Hello there,

In case we are talking about, just confirm it is not possible to connect that application to right now.

Currently does not support WebSocket. Supported protocols are: MQTT (tcp/1883), MQTT-TLS (tcp/tls/8883) and HTTP API (tcp/443).

At the same time Iot OnOff ( only supports WebSocket but not MQTT nor MQTT-TLS. WebSockets in the near future,
Best Regards