Unable to reach login


I was setting up my project that involved using MQTT about a month ago and everything was working fine until recently. I came back to working on it and I couldn’t connect to the broker from my device for some reason. So I tried connecting to the web portal to see if I had reached some sort of limit, or if something changed, but I wasn’t able to reach the login. The login button seems to never fulfil me request.

Has anyone had this issue before or know whats going on?



We are checking your issue and we see a lot of login errors (wrong credentials) and also several connection resets due to certificate SSL/TLS problems (maybe caused by outdated public root certficates, maybe for connecting to TLS/SSL ports using regular plain connections)…

At the same time we see successful login from the web panel.

If your issue is related with devices connecting using MQTT check they are using an updated TLS/SSL configuration that supports certificates installed in standard MQTT TLS port [1].

[1] https://decoder.link/sslchecker/node02.myqtthub.com/8883

Maybe you can provide some information about the client device you are using, software, version and setup you are using to connect.


Yeah, I was able to access the web portal from my house, but from my office I am unable to reach the login.

As for the devices we were trying to connect, we went without TLS support due to memory constrains and encrypted the message payload instead. Is this going to be an issue if we don’t support TLS?



No at all; though it is recommended, there is no restriction to connect to your HUB using plain MQTT…but for that, you have to use the right port, otherwise, it will not work:

MQTT plain (no TLS): 1883/tcp
MQTT secured (TLS): 8883/tcp

Also check these are open in your firewalls in case you have.

In your case, we so a lot of connection errors to TLS ports. No plain attempt.

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Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you. The library I’m using requires you to specify the port for the server and I used 1883.