Updates on MyQttStash -- Clearining Stashes -- Automatic Rotation by total stash size or stash message count -- Last messages for your HUB



We have recently pushed several updates to improve features associated to Stashing mechanism. Here they are the following:

1. Before continue, some notes about MQTT Stashing

In short, MyQtt Stashing provides you durable and ordered storage for your MQTT messages matching some filters or default configuration like PublishedMessages stash. This mechanism is also used to hold last messages sent or received by your MQTT HUB (in a rotated manner). Here is more documentation:

2. Automatic stashing rotation by msg count or by total stash storage size

We have added support to configure an automatic and transparent rotation mechanism by size and by count at any of your stashes. This is configured by clicking on the particular stash and setting a value bigger than 0.

  1. For example, to configure automatic messages rotation to keep last 20 messages that holds a particular stash, just configure it:

    …now click on stashes:

    …inside stash list, click on the stash you want to update:

  2. Now, inside edition input rotation values you want to configure. In case you do not want rotation, leave rotation fields empty or with -1.

You can just configure message rotation by count or by max total size allowed in a stash, by setting any of these values and leaving the other with -1 or empty.

In case you configure both values (by count and by size), rotation will happen once limit is reached of any of them first.

3. Temporally disabling Stashing

  1. In case you want to disable stashing even in the case filters matches or it is PublishedMessages stashing, you can configure it easily at:

This will cause that stash to temporally skip stashing (holding messages) for any request it receives.

4. Clearing a Stash

  1. In case you want to empty or removing messages in a particular stash, you can do so by using the option provided while listing messages:

  2. Then, select what period you want to keep (removing the rest) or even erase everything:


5. Showing last messages received at your MQTT HUB

Last update includes an automatic configuration that creates a stash called “PublishedMessages” that will hold last messages received in your hub in a rotated manner.

This will help you to see what short of messages are received, its content, user publishing that message and additional details.

  1. This option is accesible only for domain administrators at:

  2. From this listing you will be able to configure the stash itself (click on Manage Stash), replay (resend) messages received, see message payload content by clicking on message or check topics used.