Downloading a Stash using JSON, CSV (Excel) or XML format with MyQttHub


On this article you will find information on how to download your stashes, supported formats, internal download format and how to automate your stash download.

Available download format for MyQttHub stashes

All stashed message can be downloaded using the following available formats:

  • json
  • csv
  • xml

How to download a Stash from MyQttHub

Here is how to download your stashes:

  1. Go to your domain stashes by clicking on your domain’s stash option:

    …or using menu:

  2. Now click on the envelope icon to list all stored messages in your stash:

  3. Then click to open dialog so you can configure your download:

  4. Now configure and estimate your download:

Download format: payload is base64 encoded

All download formats uses a pretty straightforward configuration. The only element to keep in mind is that payload content is encoded using base64 to ensure all formats are properly supported without having compatibility issues.

This ensures that you can generate xml messages and still download your stashes using xml (the same applies to CSV and JSON).

REST API and download automation

Please check the following section at the API documentation to know how to automate your stash downloads: new release – 6.7.778 – What’s new in