new release – 6.7.778 – What’s new in


This release in short

We have added several improvements and internal engine corrections. For this release we have also added support for stash downloading and SCI Auth.

See all details next:

Table of contents

1. Added SCI auth support to enable easy device authentication based on clientId value

SCI Auth allows MQTT devices to fully authenticate by only providing a particular Client-ID. This helps in those situations where MQTT device has no support to configure userName/Password credentials.

See how it works here:

2. Added Download Stash support using several formats

Now it is possible to download your stashses using CSV, XML or Json format. See how it is done at the following article:

3. Minor fixings and improvements

We have implemented several bug fixes, including the following:

  • Fixed showing all subscriptions done at domain level for a given domain (using MyQttContextGetDomainSubscriptions).

  • Updated code to allow selecting the messages from an stash by providing a number of days, a number of hours or complete stash.

  • Fixed more topic filter cases (closes SUBSCRIBE : DENIED : wrong topic filter format : /#)