How messages are counted by MyQtthub (message quotas)


1. Message size, messages quota and message measurer size

All plans have different quotas that allows to send a max number of messages per day, hour, minute and month. See: (Plans)

These plan features define:

  1. Max message size that can be sent.
  2. Message measurer size: if a message is bigger that this value, it is considered you are sending more messages.
  3. Message rate by month, day, hour and minute.

2. Message measurer size

According to your plan, the platform will allow to send up a defined number of messages with a particular max size.

In the case you send messages bigger than your Message Measurer Size, then the platform will count each portion exceeded, defining each exceeding unit by the Message Measurer Size.

For example, having a measurer size of 0.5KB and max message size of 4KB, we have:

  • If you send 1 message of 3.7KB, system will count 8 messages of 0.5KB
  • If you send 1 message of 0.3KB, system will count 1 message of 0.5KB
  • If you have a quota of 300 messages/minute, with a measurer size of 0.5KB and max message size of 4KB, then you can send up to 300 messages/minute not exceeding 0.5KB size, or 300/8 = 37 messages of 4KB or near to 4KB.

3. Message relay also counts

Keep in mind that everytime a message is sent and it matches with subscriptions, filters, etc, and that message is relayed to other participants, then those messages also count for quota.

All PUBLISH messages sent to the platform and messages relayed by the platform are counted.

4. Quota consumed by panels

If you are using MyQttHub Panels, see also how message quota is consumed here by panel.

5. Conclusion and recommendations

As you can see, message size matters. Here are some recommendations:

  1. It is not the same sending messages with sizes up to 0.5 and messages around 32KB. The smaller the better.
  2. Be conservative with what you send: optimize and send just what you need. Keep your messages small.
  3. Do not subscribe every device to everything. Select participants to avoid wasting message quota by receiving messages that will not be processed.

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