MyQttHub: How to upgrade my plan -- change it -- or cancel my user


1. Introduction

The following short article explains how to upgrade your MyQttHub to another plan, how to change it to a bigger, smaller or open, and also it is explained how to cancel your MyQttHub subscription.

2. How to apply changes to my MQTT HUB

  1. Before continue, if you want to change fiscal data, read next section before applying any upgrade. Once finished, you can continue with the next ste

  2. To upgrade, downgrade or cancel your MyQtthub plan, get into your domain with an admin account and click on manage:

  3. Now, use the following section according to your needs. There you will find options to trigger a plan upgrade, downgrade/change or cancel subscription:

3. How to change billing data for my MyQttHub

Billing data can be changed using PAS platform ( It is recommended to do the change before any MQTT HUB upgrade so accounting can generate billing with the updated values.

  1. For that, get into your PAS account ( with the following indications:

    • Panel:
    • User: <hub admin mail account>
    • Password: <the one you have configured>
  2. In case you don’t have access to your password, use pas password recovery procedure.

  3. Once inside, click on “Profile” at the top. There you will be able to update billing data, fiscal id, etc. Save changes.

  4. Once done, you can start MQTT HUB upgrade process as indicated at the beginning of the article..

  5. You will be able to use automatic banc transfer on next renewal, after you have completed first purchase. This option is only available inside Europe.

NOTE: If you already did purchase, and you want billing data to be changed for the last invoice created, contact

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