Connecting to MyQttHub with application (mqtt explorer, mqttexplorer)


1. Introduction

Here are some recommended steps to connect to your MyQttHub using MQTT tls (secure session).

Before continue please create a device if you don’t one by following steps at:

Jot down clientId, userName and password as they will be required by your solution

2. Configuring application

  1. After installing application, configure initial settings ensuring you have:

    Port: 8883
    TLS: enabled
    TLS verification: enabled
    Username and password (as created at your hub):

  2. After clicking on Advanced, set there clientId associated:

  3. Now click connect. If everything was setup correctly you’ll see mqtt-explorer dashboard:

Server unavailable
MyQttHub EN -- Start here
Sonoff "mini" with Tasmota 6.5.0 seems to have a problem with MyQttHub