MyQttHub and SparkPlug Spec


1. Introduction (MQTT platform) fully support SparkPlug specification and requirements as defined at:

This article evaluates the impact and scope required by SparkPlug specification and how it relates to platform.

2. Sparkplag top level description

SparkPlug is a specification that attempts to normalize and provide a ready to use schema for topics and message encoding use by applications developing #MQTT based products.

From a server side #MQTT point of view, it requires the server to at least support v3.1.1 protocol, which does, and also to be able to handle load in a production ready fashion (which is the target of too).

Sparkplug also provides recommendations about Authentication (how clients identify them selves to connect to your #MQTT hub), authorization (how you can filter and control what and who can access and publish) and also encryption. All these options are supported by, see:

Sparkplug also place requirements to manage state by using LWT (Last Will and testament) provided by #MQTT standard and also fully supported by, see:

3. About message encoding (version A and B)

SparkPlug specification provides a ready to use framework for message format and topics to be used for #SCADA solutions. provides standard #MQTT support in a way that is possible for all formats required by SparkPlug specification to be deployed and used with as central broker or part of a bigger scheme.

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