Publish without Device Registration?



I have many devices in the field that will soon be enabled as MQTT clients. I would like to enable each of them to publish to a unique topic.

That being said, it is not practical for me to manually register each client as a unique device on the MyQttHub dashboard.

With these constraints, would it be appropriate to use the connecting several devices with the same credentials method?

Are there any limitations that would prevent these many unique clients to connect with common credentials and publish to unique topics?

Thanks for your help!


Hello Steve,

Just confirm there is no limitation about using Skip Connection
option as indicated by:

In fact, that is the purpose of that option: to provide easy
configuration support for a common device set that usually publish to a
common group of topics (producers).

Please, let us know your progress and how performs the solution for you.
Best Regards.


Thank you for these details!


Just for the record, now it is possible to connect to by just configuring a particular Client-ID (SCI Auth) that is also compatible with Skip Connection Replace: